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Jamie Clements 

Meet the Breath Space

Jamie has worked alongside top entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes and many more, to share the life changing potential of breathwork and altered states of consciousness. After discovering out first-hand just how impactful breathwork can be, Jamie strongly believes that breathwork is the most universal and powerful tool that we all have access to change our minds and live healthier, happier lives.Jamie is trained in a variety of breathwork modalities and tailors this to his clients and groups accordingly.

Whether it's performance breathwork for athletes, therapeutic breathwork for healing or simple breathing techniques for nervous system regulation, the power of breathwork can support us all.

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Our Program 

At The Breath of Bali, we focus on conscious connected breathwork and gentle wellness practices as the foundation of our retreat program. Our transformative experiences include light movement classes, introspective and sharing activities, and healing practices. Our program includes personal time everyday for you to take part in other activities such as surf lessons, pilates, journaling and more.


Conscious Connected Breathwork 

At the heart of our retreat lies Conscious Connected Breathwork, a transformative practice that serves as our foundation for profound healing and rejuvenation. This powerful technique facilitates deep self-discovery and emotional release, offering benefits such as reduced stress, enhanced mental clarity, and improved physical wellbeing. Engage in this core experience to unlock a journey of transformation, emerging with a sense of renewed purpose and inner peace.

Immerse in Bali's cultural landscape

Dive into the heart of Bali's culture with a special day trip exploring its sacred temples and vibrant local villages. Guests will engage in traditional blessing ceremonies, experience the serenity of nature, and immerse themselves in the island's spiritual essence, enriching their wellness journey with deep cultural insights.

Elevated Eats: A Journey in Tailored Mindful Eating

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Before your retreat

Embark on a culinary adventure that begins before your arrival. Our retreat features a dedicated nutritionist who ensures your meals are precisely tailored to your dietary needs and wellness aspirations.


During your retreat

Throughout your stay, enjoy exquisite, nourishing dishes crafted in collaboration with our French-trained chef. We tailor the menu options to your consult personal results in order to ensure optimal health and wellness benefits.


After your retreat

With our post-retreat package, we provide tailored nutritional guidance to help sustain the balance and rejuvenation you've experienced. This ensures your culinary journey with us extends after your stay

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